Paolo Orlandi



Paolo Orlandi (1989) was born in Tione, Trento, Italy, and begins his piano studies at the age of eight. His piano teachers were Roberta Carlini, Antonella Costa and Laura Di Paolo. He graduates in piano performance at the Bonporti Conservatory in Trento in 2011 (level I, with honours) and in 2014 (level II, with the highest marks).
Since 2012 he has been teaching piano and chamber music at the SMAG music school in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy.
Orlandi then focuses on his composition career, and in 2016 completes the advanced course in Music Education at the University of Padua. He graduates in composition at the Bonporti Conservatory in Trento and Riva del Garda with Massimo Priori and Nicola Straffelini. He has been awarded in numerous choral composition competitions and his works are published by Hal Leonard, PH Publishers, Sonitus, Schott, Edizioni Carrara, Feniarco, Aldebran Editions, ArsPublica and others. He is currently teaching Harmony at the Marcello Conservatory in Venice.